Matt Rajca

Kinect Support in Extreme Tux Racer

September 01, 2011

I recently took a short break from my long-term projects to play around with the official Kinect for Windows SDK. The possibilities for motion-based interaction are endless! As a quick side project, I decided to add Kinect support to a classic open source game: Extreme Tux Racer.

As Tux accelerates down the racetrack, the player can tilt his or her body left and right to steer the penguin, lean forward to paddle, and lean backward to brake. Tux Racer’s lenient collision detection logic tends to work in the user’s favor during gameplay. If you’re interested in the project, take a look at the source on GitHub, or check out a short video of it in action (below)! Note Kinect support is only available on Windows at the moment.