Xformat makes it easy to format C, C++, Objective-C, and Objective-C++ code using common style guides such as LLVM, Mozilla, and WebKit. You can also define your own styles directly in the app and see a preview as you go.

Xformat is powered by the open source clang project and clang-format tool, so it has a deep understanding of your code. This makes the re-formatting process very robust.

Xformat screenshot

Batch Format

You can use Xformat's Batch Format tool to quickly re-format entire directories of source files, and you have fine-grained control over which files are included.

Xcode Extension

Xformat also ships with an Xcode Extension, so for the first time, you can use clang-format directly from the Xcode IDE.

Xformat - Xcode integration screenshot

Xformat is compatible with Intel and Apple Silicon Macs