Getting Started

Xloc is a native macOS app that lets you easily count lines of code in source files. Simply drag and drop a folder or a single source file to get started -- no need to open Terminal.

Xloc screenshot


Once analysis completes, Xloc will show you results broken down by programming language. We support everything from native languages like Objective-C and C# to web languages such as PHP and TypeScript.

You can even exclude "trivial" lines of code that only include comments and whitespace. Xloc is the best app for counting lines of code on the Mac.


We hate subscriptions as much as you do, so our business model is simple: Xloc is a one-time purchase that costs as much as a cup of coffee in San Francisco. 🌁

We just want to remain self-employed and maintain the development of the app. Thanks for your support. ❤️

Xloc is compatible with Intel and Apple Silicon Macs