Xsymbolicate lets you easily symbolicate crash reports obtained from devices running macOS, iOS, and tvOS. Distributing Mac software outside the Mac App Store? Just open any crash reports you receive from your users with Xsymbolicate to quickly pinpoint the source of the crash -- no need to open Terminal.

Easy to Use

When you first open a crash report, Xsymbolicate will automatically try to find symbols for the binary in your Xcode Archives. If you already have a dSYM file handy, just drag-and-drop it to begin symbolication.

Xsymbolicate main screen


Once symbolication completes, Xsymbolicate will show you your crash report with inline source information at the point of the crash. Different parts of the report will even be highlighted, making it easy to focus on just the information you need.

Xsymbolicate report

Xsymbolicate is compatible with Intel and Apple Silicon Macs